Category Slider using a Iframe element

Note: This requires the FURY Iframe plugin to be installed.

As this isnt integrated into the CMS theres a couple of steps to make it work.  Also in the CMS the feed block looks a bit wierd (due to no integration) but it works a treat. 

1. Drag in an IFRAME element from the drag/drop widgets area. We will change the Link via EDIT LINK, but not quite yet.


2. Copy the Page URL  from the relevant category page. Do this by previewing the category page, then copying the Website URL from the top of the page e.g. /category/129608.

You only want to copy the part after e.g. /category/129608

3. Paste in the link to the IFRAME box, then hit OK.

4. The IFRAME will look blank - that is because the CMS doesnt know what to do with the link.., however when you preview the page...

5. Your slider will appear in the place of the iframe widget...


6. There is also the ability to add parameters to the link e.g  /category/129608?limit=10&auto=1